Know Your Weaknesses In Blackjack

It is definitely true that every one of us has to know our limitations. If you are planning to have a professional career in Blackjack, it is very important that you validate your skills, strengths and abilities and capitalize on them. But do not forget that it is as equally important that you must acknowledge your weaknesses, by this way you can resolve them.

Discovering our strengths is not difficult. Yet, discovering our weaknesses is different. The best way to discover our weaknesses is if we play with our team, family members or friends. Normally, these people that accompany us to the casino and play Blackjack are the ones you can practice with.

As we play the game, our friends can watch us and observe us, and then they can reveal our weaknesses to us, that often times we do not realize. Often times it is difficult to identify our weaknesses, and because it is difficult to be real after having a bad beat or committing a mistake.

To determine your weaknesses you must have a well-planned game or strategy. The following are the things that your planned strategy should have:

1. Table Selection 2. Betting Strategy 3. Playing Strategy 4. Card Counting 5. Money Management 6. Psychological Factors 7. Table Departure

Include also your purpose as well as your goals. After identifying each factor you can now establish from which angle are your weaknesses and where your strengths are. From there you can begin to remedy your weaknesses and evaluate your strengths so you can capitalize on them more.

You should also have a record of your past games. Once you have written down your game data you can now have an overview of your past playing performance. You can also begin to evaluate your game play. You can compare your game with other player's games.

You can break down your playing performance into pieces, to show you your weaknesses. This is an effective way of knowing how you play your game.

Resolving your weaknesses is not easy unless you put your mind to it. Weaknesses are often bad habits which are hard to break.

Even if you are a professional player or an aspiring novice player there is always room for improvement. Learning and studying is a continuous process if you really want to make it big in Blackjack.

Even experienced players can still improve their game play. Every day as you play Blackjack there is always something new to learn. You can learn from your past mistakes, from your winning game play and from other players as well. You can ask them for more advice as most people are always willing to share their winning experiences.