Early on in his career Uston was approached by a mathematician who showed him his invention, a computer chip that was could count the cards, and show him the probabilities of the next card that would be drawn. At first, Ken Uston thought that the machine was too big for comfort, especially when they were entering the heavily guarded casinos that would stop at nothing to stop the players from winning.

However, in time they managed, together, to create a machine that fit into the soles of their shoes. Ion this way, they could get messages to themselves and win big at blackjack. And this is what they did in the beginning. In time, they saw that Uston's team was winning eighty percent of the games that they were playing. However, that got the casinos to suspect them of cheating and they were treated very roughly and kicked out of the casinos.

However, once the cat was out of the bag, then there was not going back. The casinos took Uston to court. It was not a long trial, but there is no doubt that the casinos had no case. The judge quickly decided that card counting was not in fact a form o f cheating and grated the case to Ken Uston. Today many people feel that when he win that case he ruined blackjack forever since, since then the casinos have changed the rules of the game, and have made card counting impossible.