Basic Black Jack Strategy: Do's and Don'ts

Blackjack is one of the popular card games in the casino. Playing the game requires skill, wit and strategy in order to have some edge over the house. Though it is always winning that most players aimed at when playing blackjack, but for the more experienced player it is just a part of the strategy.

One of the important aspects of playing blackjack is the opportunity of the player to turn tables; that is to gain advantage over the casino's house edge. The basic strategy in playing blackjack are knowing when to stand or hit and one's moves should also determine when to split or double-down properly. A keen eye on the dealer's visible cards will also help the player make his next move.

Though there are some minute variations in the basic strategy of blackjack, the most common of these strategies would likely depend on the standard ruling of the game. The casinos may even have specific rules on blackjack such as surrendering and a double-after-split. But every player should know that these specific rules per casino discretion are being offered with a catch. No matter how intriguing they are, the casinos would always want the players to commit mistakes that add up to the house advantage. Take note that the house edge based on Las Vegas rules is 0.16%.

Here are some beneficial rules that players can take note of: except for a blackjack, any 2-card hand can allow doubles; doubles are allowed after splitting; early and late surrenders are allowed; re-splitting of aces are allowed; drawing more than 1 card is allowed against the split ace; 5 cards up as long as the total doesn't exceed 21 is an automatic Charlie.

A player should also remember that there are also some rules that are quite unfavorable: lower payouts on blackjack at 3 to 2; when a dealer makes a hit on soft 17; splitting more than once; double down restrictions on 9, 11 or 10, 11 totals; aces are not allowed for re-split; in a European blackjack version, a player may lose his splits and doubles against the dealer's blackjack; losing ties made by the player.

Truthfully enough, there isn't any perfect strategy when playing blackjack. But the basic strategic rules as mentioned above can produce significant results. For experienced and well-trained players, variations on the combination of the basic strategy are one way to achieve a perfect blackjack play. There is no rule or secret in formulating one's winning strategy in order to win at blackjack; only the player knows what works best for his play and which rule applies on every opportunity.