Advantage Play from Blackjack Dealer Tell

The blackjack dealer is the main opponent of a player in blackjack. This is because the blackjack dealer is endowed with the house advantage which is the ultimate hindrance of a blackjack player to come ahead in the game and win.

But despite the presence of the house advantage in blackjack, the players are still favored in the game once they were able to learn a good blackjack strategy. This is the main element that can effectively reduce the house advantage of the casino in blackjack.

Because the main concern of the blackjack player is to play a good basic blackjack strategy and to improve their skills to know the best hand play in every card that they are dealt with, it is important to know various aspects of basic strategy that will help them successfully carry out good hand decisions.

Learning the basic game mechanics, the rules and proper decisions to make are all important to help blackjack players obtain an advantage play against the dealer while reading the basic tell of a blackjack dealer is also an additional skill that players need to learn to effectively beat the blackjack dealer.

The blackjack dealer's tell represents the subconscious expressions of a dealer which is often exhibited from their gestures which are related to the kind of hands they are playing. Being able to pick up the dealer's tell can significantly provide guidance to a player in knowing the kind of hand the dealer is playing and to base their decision to make with their hand relative to the dealer's hand.

The dealer's tell can significantly improve the advantage play of a blackjack player. The blackjack dealer is likely to exhibit lifting their cards more than the usual way when they are holding a stiff card with values from 2 to 6. Most often times, the dealer will be forced to lift the card of 4 more than once because it is this specific card value that is difficult to see even by experienced casino dealers.

With a brief glance to their cards, blackjack dealers are more likely holding a face card value which is a card easier to spot by a dealer. A quick glance on their face down card can indicate that the dealer has higher card values.

However, although reading the blackjack dealer's tell can be helpful it should be exercised with caution as not all dealers can exhibit expressive tells which can mislead blackjack players from concluding what is the dealer's hole card.

But although the hole card of the dealer is unknown to a blackjack player, through the basic dealer tell blackjack players can obtain significant idea which can help them make the best possible hand decision that can benefit their game.