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Reality Blackjack

Blackjack has become the most popular card game in the online casino, and with good reason. It is among those games that while they are indeed games of chance, skill is an important factor in separating the winners from the losers. However, once in a while there are players that stand out in the grand scheme of things. Such a blackjack player was Ken Uston. Without a doubt the greatest blackjack player of all time, and he was so far beyond his time, that, like the greatest artists, he was not given the respect that he should have gotten during his lifetime.

Ken Uston was the Executive vice president of the Pacific Stock exchange, but his real passion was for blackjack. He used to play it all the time as a hobby, until he decided to make his passion his vocation and dedicated his life to playing blackjack in the casinos. He was not alone in this. Blackjack is a game that either you love, or that does not interest you in the least. There is no middle ground. However, in a short time he succeeded in making a name for himself as the most successful player in history. However, he had a little help.



TableMAX Gaming recently installed Progressive Blackjack and Caribbean Poker at casino facilities in California. TableMAX said that they are very happy about the reception that they are receiving.

Following the success of its special Friday promotions, Bovada Casino has launched a new Tuesday promotion.

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